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2023 Social Media Strategies for your Business

Yes, we're in the digital age. A constant cycle of hearing buzzwords like "conversions and impressions" leads us to long for the good ole days of relying on word-of-mouth marketing.

Perhaps your business is "old-school" and thinks you don't need to market online. That's where we slightly disagree. We're not saying you need a hard sales push or that your entire team needs to participate in a Tik Tok dance, but we do have a few recommendations when it comes to marketing your business this year.

  1. Have a presence online. At least make sure your website has been updated in the past 3 years. Google performs a tactic called crawling where they scan your website for relevant information. If you haven't updated your site, it's likely that Google isn't displaying your site when consumers search for you.

  2. Take advantage of platforms like Tik Tok. Studies show that users are now heading over to Tik Tok to search "how-tos" and learn more about different services. This platform was also downloaded more than any other app in 2022. Being an early adapter of Tik Tok for Business will reward you in the long run.

  3. Find your audience. If your ideal customers are male decision-makers- then get your business on Linked In. I'm not talking about posting a photo once a month or adding every connection possible. On Linked In, it's important to have a consistent message to educate that audience and build that trust before reaching out to leads.

All of this can seem overwhelming and it might not make sense where to start. Here at Hancock Advertising Group of Midland, we offer different levels of social media marketing management so you can worry about running your business and we can tailor a custom approach to your social media and deliver you leads.

Ready to get started? Email us today to learn about our pricing and offerings for social media management in Midland and Odessa, Texas.

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