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Marketing 101: Digital VS Traditional - Why You Need Both

Digital marketing is today's most popular and entertaining form of marketing. Whether you realize it or not, every time your brand creates a post, makes a story, or records a reel you are using a form of digital marketing.

Recent studies show that about 50% of adults in the United States say that when businesses use their data in advertising, it helps them discover things that interest them, and make it easier to find products and services that interest them the most.

What this means is that digital marketing isn’t just the future of marketing, it is today's most effective way to market your business to consumers. Without a digital marketing plan, you could potentially be missing leads that don’t know your brand exists.

Types of Digital Marketing:

  • Social Media

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Creation

  • Email Campaigns

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Digital Ad Placements

On the flip side, there are several forms of what some would refer to as “old school” traditional marketing that is still widely used and effective today. Ever wonder what people did with their time before Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook? While it’s hard to believe that a business could be profitable and have a loyal consumer base without the use of social media - it worked, and still does today.

This is where Traditional marketing comes into play. Tactics like direct mail, referral campaigns, billboards, TV commercials, events, and sponsorships are the key players in traditional marketing campaigns.

Just last year studies revealed that 79% of households say that they read, or scan over direct mail ads and postcards. With the thousands of ads that consumers are receiving online today, a direct mail option isn’t a bad idea. Getting back to the basics can help you target consumers in specific areas, and see which areas are responding to your advertisements.

Types of Traditional Marketing

  • Outdoor signage

  • Broadcasting (TV, Radio)

  • Direct Mail

  • Print Ads (Magazines, Newspapers)

Overall, when it comes to creating a marketing strategy including a winning combination of digital and traditional tactics will allow you to have a successful marketing campaign that meets your business and sales goals!

If you’re looking for advice or need a strategic plan for your next marketing campaign, Hancock Group is ready to help!

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