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Three Reasons Why Your Marketing Efforts Might be Failing

As a business owner, taking over your marketing efforts while also focusing on growing your business and your bottom line can be a lot to juggle. We regularly consult with new clients who feel that marketing just isn’t working for them, and they want to give up altogether.

Don’t let past marketing fail to hinder your business growth! If you feel like your business marketing efforts just aren’t working out for you, review the three main mistakes that we see marketing campaigns make and why they fail.

  1. Wrong Demographic / Platform

Before you take on any digital marketing strategy, be sure you don’t overlook the demographic you’re trying to reach and research where they are spending their time. For example, if your target audience is working moms, don’t run your ads on Instagram during the day... they’re more than likely not going to see it. Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes, where are they spending their time, what type of accounts do they follow, and when are they most likely to be really paying attention?

2. Not Enough Budget Behind Your Ads

This can be a tricky one, we completely get it. You can be a small business with a really small marketing budget and feel like the big fish companies are just eating up your ad time. It’s important to really take a close look at where you’re spending extra money, and how you can direct any extra dollars into your marketing budget. The more money you spend, the more targeted clients you can reach.

However, If you’re not able to invest additional money into your advertising budget, you can start small. Don’t avoid advertising all together because you don’t have a fancy corporate budget. Start with a simple budget, but plan to slowly increase your ad spend with each campaign.

3. Poor Design

You could be selling the world's most innovative, groundbreaking, life-changing product and if your graphic design fails… your product will reflect that. Remember, our society lives in a visually stimulated world. Your customers are bombarded all day, every day with catchy graphics, flashing ads, and creative videos. Be sure that you’re working with a design team who truly understands your product, your service, and your company before you start working with them.

Allow us to show you how the right marketing strategies, tactics, and purposeful design can help skyrocket your business to new heights. Contact us today for a consultation!

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