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Tips for Email Marketing

Is your business using email marketing? Creating an email campaign can seem like a daunting task, but it's worth the effort. Some studies have shown that email marketing is up to 40% more effective than social media marketing. 🤯⁠

Here's a few tips to get you started with email marketing:⁠

1. Most people fail at email marketing because they have no plan before they begin. What are you trying to achieve with email marketing?⁠

2. Design is really important when it comes to email marketing. You're competing with a lot of other emails your subscribers are getting. What will make yours stand apart?⁠

3. Get to the point quickly. People don't read emails with the intent of spending less than a few seconds. What content will you provide that will get their attention?⁠

4. No matter your plan, content, or design you'll never know if you're actually reaching email marketing success if you don't track opens, clicks, subscribes, and unsubscribes. What is working and most importantly what isn't?⁠

5. Don't be afraid to ask for your customers emails! If you offer them something in return, like a discount code for their next visit, they'll be happy to subscribe! How will you get people to subscribe?⁠

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