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Ask yourself these questions before marketing in-house.

As a business owner, you know that your marketing needs to be handled one way or another. It's common to wonder when it's best to keep things in-house or subcontract. Clients often look to us for guidance on what is better for them. That answer looks different for everyone. Often it's more cost and time-effective to use an agency. But other times there are two moving parts, and having someone in-house makes sense. Either way, we have framed a few questions to ask yourself when marketing in-house to ensure you are on the right track.

1. Are your goals defined?

Do you know what you are trying to achieve? KPIs need to be communicated with the marketing specialist in order to develop a strategy that will work.

2. Am I implementing a plan or just posting?

When it comes to marketing through content on social media, there needs to be a plan and strategy. Talk with your team about what that strategy is.

3. Am I tracking my efforts?

Make sure you are paying attention to the ROI of advertising. I'm not just talking about increased sales or calls either. Get in the weeds and understand why your customers are or aren't responding to your efforts.

graph o SWOT analysis for marketing in house vs an agency

4. Am I speaking to a defined audience?

Narrow your message and speak to your consumers. Understand their problems and provide solutions. You'll often waste efforts and marketing dollars when your audience isn't defined.

5. Am I being strategic with my advertising dollars?

No one wants to waste money. Throwing dollars at an ad that you haven't researched the demographic will do that. Find your audience, see what they need, and learn how to communicate with them before investing in a platform to send your message.

6. Am I executing efficiently?

Time, money, value, and quality are all key points in a marketing campaign build. An agency's job is to create the highest quality content to promote within a certain budget in a short time to deliver the most leads/ value.

If you're interested in sitting down to see what an agency could do for your business, fill out a contact form and we will create a custom proposal for your business at no charge.

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